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Were six million Jews exterminated by the Germans, mostly in “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” and “gas vans”?

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Learn about perjuring “eyewitnesses”, tortured confessions, and direct evidence of a propaganda coup run amok. 

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last-days-big-lie-holocaust-hoax-holohoaxThe Last Days of the Big Lie – Debunking Steven Spielberg’s Oscar Winning Holocaust Hoax

treblinka-archaeology-hoaxThe Treblinka Archaeology Hoax (2014) Debunking Caroline Sturdy Colls’ Fraudulent Archaeological Investigation and associated propaganda TV Specials
majdanek-gas-chamber-myth-poster-documentaryThe Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth (2014) Debunks the “Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms Myth” at the first major concentration camp liberated by the victorious Allies


gas-chamber-majdanek-dressing-room-undressing-holocaust-museum-hoaxYour Easy to Understand Visual Guide to the Gas Chamber Hoax

auschwitz-gas-chamber-chimney-jewish-holocaust-hoaxThe Soviet Union’s Floating Auschwitz Chimney
Nuremberg-trial-nazi-gas-chamber-jewish-holocaust-hoaxThe Nuremberg Witch Trials
Dachau-nazi-gas-chamber-jewish-holocaust-hoaxThe Dachau “Gas Chamber” 
buchenwald-lampshade-human-jewish-holocaust-hoaxLampshades made of Jewish Skin – Atrocity propaganda
shrunken-head-nazi-human-jewish-holocaust-hoaxNuremberg Prosecutor Thomas Dodd holds a Shrunken Head, more atrocity lies. 
steven-spielberg-holocaust-hoax-schindlers-list-last-days-oscarSteven Spielberg’s Holocaust Lies
anne-frank-auschwitz-holocaust-hoax-typhus-bergen-belsenAnne Frank story proves Revisionist case. Anne Frank was sent to Auschwitz and not gassed. She died of Typhus after being transited to Bergen-Belsen.
soccer-theresienstadt-auschwitz-holocaust-hoax-football-gamesIn celebration of the World Cup, we examine soccer in the concentration camps. The existence of lively soccer games disproves the lie that Jewish concentration camp inmates were deliberately emaciated skeletons throughout the war. 
shower-gas-chamber-majdanek-auschwitz-holocaust-hoax-nazi-jewishLife Saving Shower Rooms, that’s all!
irene-zisblatt-gas-chamber-jewish-holocaust-hoax“Holocaust” “Survivors” and their Absurd Grimm Fairy Tales

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